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This policy applies to all students attending St Declan’s Community College.

Relationship to the School’s Ethos:

Our school uniform identifies each student as a student in St Declan’s Community College. It is a fundamental aspect of the school identity. We expect each student to wear the school uniform with dignity and pride and to be aware that, when in uniform, each student represents not just themselves but the whole school community. In St Declan’s Community College, we work to provide a secure, welcoming, inclusive and structured environment where students are encouraged and challenged to develop to their full potential as individuals and to respect both themselves and others.


St Declan’s Community College encourages the pursuit of excellence and strives to create an environment conducive to attaining high standards of teaching and learning. The school uniform is one of the ways in which a positive climate of learning is achieved. It reinforces a sense of pride among students in their school especially when representing the school on sporting or extra-curricular activities and during whole school events.

Objectives of the Policy:

It is the policy of the school that all pupils wear the St Declan’s Community College uniform during school activities. This includes time spent on the premises before and after class and en route to and from school.

The wearing of the uniform helps to promote a positive image for the school.

The uniform makes pupils recognisable as members of St Declan’s Community College. The school uniform creates a sense of equality among all students and eliminates competition. The wearing of a uniform contributes to better order on the school premises. The policy has been designed with health and safety in mind.



  • A-Line skirt inverted pleat or official school trousers grey with wine stripes
  • Wine school jumper
  • Grey shirt
  • Grey socks/grey or black plain tights
  • Black shoes – no black canvas or runners
  • Shoes must be clean


  • Grey trousers
  • Wine school jumper
  • Grey shirt
  • Grey/black socks
  • Black shoes – no black canvas or runners
  • Shoes must be clean



  • Keep it simple
  • NO piercings, including the wearing of earrings, for boys or girls – health and safety reasons


  • Colour must be natural
  • No loud colours, streaking or coloured extensions
  • Hair must be neat and tidy
  • No patterns shaved into hair
  • Face must be clean shaven


  • Not allowed – tattoos must not be visible
  • Students will be obliged to remove make-up
  • Make-up wipes will be provided
  • Sanctions will be imposed for repeat offenders
  • No false nails are allowed
  • Only clear nail varnish is allowed.


  • Should a student present for school without full uniform he/she must report to the Uniform Monitor before the start of the first class. The student will then be provided with a temporary replacement uniform or part thereof for the day. It is the responsibility of the student to wash and iron the replacement item before returning it to the Uniform Monitor.
  • If the pupil has a satisfactory written explanation from a parent/guardian he/she will be permitted to go to registration as normal. Such written explanation will cover that day only.
  • Any departure from this procedure will be deemed to be a breach of the uniform code and will result in disciplinary action.
  • The following sanctions will be used to deal with breaches of the uniform code:
  • 1st offence in term: VERBAL WARNING accompanied by instruction from the Uniform Monitor, Year Head, Deputy Principal, Principal or her designated representative on any given day.
  • Further offences in the same term will lead to: FURTHER DETENTIONS, SEPARATION FROM PEERS and or SUSPENSION
  • If a student refuses to cooperate with Uniform Policy, PERMANENT EXCLUSION will be sought in accordance with school policy.


  • Emergencies – spare uniform will be provided on loan
  • Neat dress is essential. Cuffs, elbows and seams must be repaired on time
  • In case of illness or injury, full uniform must be worn
  • Students are not allowed wear scarves, caps, coats or hoodies in class or between classes
  • Students are encouraged to change uniform on return home from school. This provides for greater relaxation and also avoids risk of staining
  • Short term stains can be ignored but a quick wash in the evening for overnight drying is expected for next day
  • Shirts, trousers, skirts and jumpers wash easily and dry quickly. Jumpers should be washed once a week on a cool wash. Do not iron
  • Before or after activities, PE, games or matches, students must wear full uniform – no exceptions
  • This list is not exhaustive and the school management will be the final arbiter in all the above
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